December 1, 2015

PSA: New North Carolina Laws Become Effective Today (December 1, 2015)

The law is ever-changing, which is part of the reason I find it fascinating.  Several new North Carolina laws become effective today, December 1st.  Many of them are criminal laws, but some that may be of interest to business owners and managers including the following:
 - Electronic signature and notarization on vehicle titles [SL 2015-270 / SB 370]
 - An omnibus regulatory reform bill [SL 2015-286] that, among other things:
  • Repeals the offense of "using profane or indecent language on public highways, except in certain counties;
  • Repeals the offense of refusing to relinquish party telephone line in emergency;
  • Exclusion of volunteers and officers of certain nonprofits from the definition of "employee" for purposes of the Worker's Compensation statute;
  • An expansion of the "Good Samaritan" law to allow well-intentioned people to break into a car, boat or aircraft to assist a person in need; and
  • Numerous environmental law changes.

 - Privacy law enhancements (including the so-called "revenge porn" law) [SL 2015-250 / HB 792] (See for more.)

You can find out more about each of these laws and more in the N.C. General Assembly's summary, available here.


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