August 28, 2016

Need to Raise Investment Dollars for Your Company? New(ish) Rule 506(c) May Be Your Best Bet!

Anyone who has been paying attention lately knows that there are some new ways to raise money from investors. State crowdfunding laws and SEC rule changes have opened up opportunities that have not been available in more than eighty years. Importantly, new Rule 506(c) gives companies the ability to solicit the public for investment without registering a public offering, subject to some important limitations, such as verification that investors are accredited. Often companies will find Rule 506(c) to be more flexible and attractive than crowdfunding or a Rule 506(c) offering.

Two of my law partners and I recently spoke about these changes in a webinar hosted by the Stafford Group. If you would like to view the (79) slides
from our presentation, please send me an email message: